About Us

Advanced Medical Billing Concepts, LLC, is a full service HIPAA compliant medical billing and patient accounts management company in business to assist you in gaining greater financial profitability.  It is our responsibility to relinquish these expenses from your practice and help you gain the following benefits:

  - Electronic and Manual Concurrent Medical Claims Billing
  - Electronic and Manual Secondary Medical Claims Billing
  - Medicare and Medicaid claims submission.
  - Follow-Up on Pending and Denied Claims
  - Payment Accounting
  - Patient Statements, Patient Billing, and Soft Collection
  - Activity and Custom Reports
  - Practice and Encounter Form Analysis
  - Security Checks on all ICD9, CPT, and HCPC Coding

Our firm is in business to service our clients.  We take the headaches associated with medical billing out of your office and into ours.  Outsourcing your medical billing claims can be very profitable for physicians because it eliminates all the daily expenses associated with keeping their medical billing in-house.


Karen Mitchell
Advanced Medical Billing Concepts, LLC